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Featured Healers


An Inner Peace Advisor. He believes your purpose in life is to be happy. Learn More


Her life is devoted to helping people awaken to their true potential and transform their lives. Learn More

Featured Healers


Using a combination of innovative research based energy techniques, Jennifer helps her clients identify core issues negatively affecting their wellbeing and helps them find their own internal compass. Learn More


Helen works with you and your subtle bodies to make room for positive life changes. She gives insight, shifts energy, and puts you in touch with your own intuitive strengths to aid you on your path of positive healing. Learn More


Healerology is a community of healers that use a variety of energy modalities to help you get in touch with your true essence, the one that is eternal and that existed prior to your birth and will exist after your death. This essence is perfect, joyous, playful and exists without limit. Most people are not in touch with their essence. They mistakenly identify with limiting beliefs that are derived from negative experiences and their personality, which is a protective armor constructed to keep them safe. These beliefs and the personality create the not-self and it is the not-self that creates the spiritual, emotional, and physical problems you experience. The Healerology healers dissolve your not-self and reveal your true Self to you that you seek.

Each Healerology healer is passionate about helping you. As a community, healers at Healerology support each other in their growth and encourage one another to evolve in their practice. This community brings you years of hard-earned experience, experience that could only be gained by living with and surmounting the same problems that you have now via a tireless search for answers to resolve these problems. We hope that you allow Healerology to be of service to you in your growth and your exploration of the infiniteness within you.